The American Mah Jongg Instructor Association (AMJIA) offers memberships to certified instructors.  The program is designed to provide opportunities that benefit its members personally and professionally. While the initial motivation for joining may vary according to the needs of the member, the following are common membership benefits and how successful members can take advantage of them.

Networking and Collaboration

The most common benefit of a professional association is networking.  The association is filled with like-minded micro-business owners who build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.  Members have access to forums and attend events where they can share ideas and develop new ways of doing business. 

Training and Education

Mah jongg is a four-player game that is typically played in person.  Technology today has opened doors for other ways to play and teach.  We have videos and hold webinars that help members learn and grow in their profession.  We also offer opportunities for peer-to-peer mentorship that allow members to share experience and knowledge.


In addition to training and education, our association provides an instructor certification.  This certification assures the community that instructors meet professional and ethical standards. 

Best Practices

Every business has best practices that are critical to efficiency and productivity.  This is even more important in a micro-business. Members of an association can learn how to improve methods and processes by taking advantage of the collective experience of others.


Besides all the professional benefits, there are also opportunities for members to build friendships that can last a lifetime.

These are just some of the most common benefits of membership in a professional organization.  Become an AMJIA Certified Instructor and enjoy these benefits for yourself.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The American Mah Jongg Instructors Association (AMJIA) has established this Code of Conduct and Ethics (Code) to serve as a guideline of best practices for the professional conduct of its members.  The Code establishes a set of standards to serve as a guide to how members conduct themselves and a guide for decision making when issues arise.  For our program to represent high- quality training and a valuable career investment for the candidates, we must work together to fight fraud, bribery, cheating, or inaccurate information related to training or testing.

AMJIA Certified Instructor Conduct

We promote and recognize certified instructors as a valued profession and conduct our personal and business affairs in a manner to reflect capability, integrity, and honor.

We maintain collaborative and harmonious inter-professional relationships and accept the association's values and distinctive standards.

We work to advance our knowledge and abilities as certified instructors, and willingly share with fellow members the ideas, experiences, and information gained through supporting and participating in educational and networking programs.

We support community and civic affairs by maintaining positive relationships with the public sector.

We strive for excellence in the profession by maintaining and enhancing our knowledge at the highest level of competence and performance.

We distinguish between our convictions and professional responsibilities and do not allow personal beliefs to interfere with the operations of this association.

We agree to teach per the National Mah Jongg League rules as stipulated in Mah Jongg Made Easy and annual bulletins.

We deem it our duty to report to association management any willful violations of this code.

Code of Certification Ethics

I agree to comply with AMJIA testing policies, processes, procedures, and guidelines.

I accept responsibility for my actions before, during, and after testing.

I will provide truthful information about my identity and documentation.

I will not use compromised exam content to prepare for my AMJIA exam.

I will report anyone who steals, shares, colludes, or otherwise compromises the AMJIA certification program integrity to the association management via the "Contact Us" page.

I will not share or compromise the AMJIA course and exam content in any way.

Violations of the Code of Certification Ethics are serious. A violation, including a failure to report potential violations committed by others, can result in possible legal action, candidate sanction, and removal from the program.

Membership Agreement

When an instructor passes the certification exam, they are eligible to become a member.  The first step for onboarding will be to sign the AMJIA Membership Agreement and the Certification Title and Logo Usage Guidelines.

Indie Membership

$97 per year


  • Certified Instructor Directory
  • Instructor Profile
  • MahjCon events 15% discount

Select Membership

$327 per year


  • Certified Instructor Directory
  • Instructor Profile
  • MahjCon events 25% discount
  • Association events 25% discount
  • Association products 25% discount
  • Private forum
  • Videos and webinars
  • The Vault Lobby (limited digital library)

Revenue generating program:

  • Mahjong Time Affiliate Program (virtual classroom and commissions)

Elite Membership

$547 per year


  • Certified Instructor Directory
  • Instructor Profile
  • MahjCon events 50% discount
  • Association events 50% discount
  • Association products 50% discount
  • Private forum
  • Videos and webinars
  • Lesson Funnel (student referrals)
  • The Vault (complete digital library)

Revenue generating programs:

  • AMJIA Stages (public speaker training and engagement opportunities)
  • School of American Mah Jongg Fellowship (training and access to virtual classroom)
  • Mahjong Time Affiliate Program (virtual classroom and commissions)
  • YouTube Creator Blueprint 

We are offering you a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase of the Instructor Certification Process and Exam today.

No kidding... go through the process and take the exam. If you pass, and you likely will, check out the membership benefits: peruse the resources, use the tools, and put in some work. If you don’t love the results in the first 30 days of your purchase, send us an email and we’ll refund your money.  No questions asked and no hard feelings.

If the Instructor Certification and association benefits don’t work for you, we'd much prefer that you take your money and invest it where you will be happy.


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