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Mahjong Time, like no other.

There are several online sites that offer a place for American mah jongg players to be entertained and challenged. Mahjong Time has far more to offer by far.

  • Most realistic interface with customization settings
  • Responsive technical support including installation!
  • Healthy, happy community
  • Guilds (weekly competition between groups of players with prizes)
  • Marathons (4 consecutive games)
  • Tournaments (one day competitions with prizes)
  • 6 versions: NMJL, NMJL/Siamese mah jongg, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Riichi, Mahjong Competition Rules
  • Three membership levels with increasing benefits (free, Premium, VIP)
  • 30-day VIP trial

American Mah Jongg Ventures is part of the Mahjong Time affiliate program.  If you decide to purchase a membership, we will earn a small commission. Monies will be used to support products, and services we offer the community.

Standard Mah Jongg

Mahjong players have a wide range of styles and types of games to play, from Mahjong Time's 4-game marathons and officially sanctioned two-day tournaments. The site is community-based and offers players the chance to establish a unique online presence through the use of avatars and also various rankings and reward levels.

Siamese Mah Jongg

This version was created by Gladys Grad of Mah Jongg Madness.  Players use the same American mah jongg card but the rules have been modified for two players, playing two hands at one time.  It's very challenging and a lot of fun!  Download the rules from the Siamese Mah Jongg website.  


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