The AMJIA Story

The inspiration for this venture was sparked from a need we saw in the community.  We had heard numerous stories from players who had taken lessons from instructors who lacked a deep understanding of the game or did not respect the rules set forth by the NMJL.  The result was that players had inadequate knowledge of the game and propagated their misunderstanding of the rules to others.

Our solution is to provide an instructor-based course that teaches American mah jongg as defined by the NMJL, using best practices for teaching methods to ensure a high-quality education for aspiring instructors.  We understand that established instructors with an excellent reputation may not be interested in certification.  Any instructor starting could gain credibility with certification.  The certification is the tip of the iceberg, and for some, the tip will be more significant than others.  It's the rest of the iceberg that will appeal to all instructors.  The rest of that iceberg is the association itself.  We will give certified instructors access to The Vault, which contains business-building resources and assets.  Other value-add services will be offered as we grow, including mastermind groups for troubleshooting and brainstorming and retreats for breakthrough results. 

Our Purpose

Research, analyze, and develop teaching methods and to recommend lesson content aligned with the National Mah Jongg League in order to ensure our instructors offer high quality services to the community.

Our mission 

Design programs and support systems that help mah jongg instructors grow as community leaders as they form, build, and scale their business.

Our vision

Provide a virtual workspace where certified instructors can learn new ways to monetize mah jongg through education, collaboration, and networking.

Our values

At our core, AMJIA operates on passion, integrity, authenticity, service, impact, fulfillment, fun.

"Mah jongg came to America and the NMJL was formed. The desire for competitive play led to standardized tournament rules, Mah Jongg Master Points, and ranks. Online playing made the scene and continues to grow. Now come Michele Frizzell and Debbie Barnett with the next stage in the evolution with a Knowledge Base containing all things mahj, education and certification for instructors, and MahjCon events for mah jongg enthusiasts. I can't wait!"

Gladys Grad, Mah Jongg Madness

"I have heard other people mention training and certification ideas, but you two have the guts to make it happen.  I’m excited to see your business grow, and I support your efforts"

Slava Novozhenya, Mahjong Time

Sneak peek into the AMJIA Vault

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